BirdMask Studio And Ghostly Apparitions, Now On Social media!!


Hello all, a update post here to establish what Birdmask Studios is and what exactly it is we do.

Birdmask Studio is the name I am giving to my game development studio. My first project is a demo for a ghost themed, puzzle and slapstick game, called Ghostly Apparitions – for more information check out the other updates on this blog. As for who I am, i’m a Alumni of Farnham’s Computer games art course, I work mostly independently, starting off working with animation before tackling game development. Now, with Ghostly Apparitions, I hope to have my first publicly available demo ready for you to download and play in the summer of 2017.

In this blog i’ll be posting major updates and things about the various stages of production. I will also be posting some of the fun behind the scene goofs and animations that I do for fun, in the social media pages linked bellow.


Thank you to anyone reading this, if you want to keep updated on this project please follow/like Birdmask Studio on facebook and twitter. I hope you enjoy the blog, find the development interesting, and in a few months play demo.




BirdMask Studio And Ghostly Apparitions, Now On Social media!!