Toasty Alpha – Term 1 Retrospective


With the Toasty alpha ready for hand in i’ll be taking a break from game development for a week or so (at least after the dissertation is finally done) but before that i’ll wrap this project up with a quick retrospective on how this term has informed how Toasty will be, going forward.


Firstly one of this sprint’s main aims was to determine the viability of multiple routes of research and to see if I could practically develop what this games concept needed to work; AI state machines, room editors, root motion animation, wall clinging and so on. From the experiments and progress i’ve made so far it would seem that fortunately all these areas are currently viable enough to continue with onto the next sprint and won’t require any cutting. The next step at the start of the next sprint will be to use what I’ve learnt so far to plan how these multiple systems can be properly developed to work with each other.


Secondly the other main aim was to make a functioning first playable that I could use as a frame of reference to revise the game’s concept. After seeing the finished prototype, and trying out the gameplay one key thing i’ve realised about the Toasty concept is that I don’t want it to be a sneaking stealth game. Toasty isn’t about the hiding and avoidance, it’s about the chase and escape, a humorous stealth game that focuses on making the player feel smart for outwitting the guards and raring the chance to engage them again and again, not hide and stab them.


Going forward this game will set out on developing AI that acts as the Elmer Fudd to the players Bugs Bunny, starting with some simple changes in their focus and behaviour next sprint. While i’ll leave the details to the next sprints revised design document this will mean a more predominate role for the RobotAvatar and of environmental props and opportunities for the use in slapstick, which in turn will be used for level solutions. A new pillar for this concept is humor over difficulty to provide the players satisfaction in play.

To view the entire development of the Toasty Alpha follow this link to see only the Toasty related post here:

Toasty Alpha – Term 1 Retrospective

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