Prototype 003 – Review

It’s been a long time coming, months of developing tools and systems, and while that can’t all be seen in this one little scene the work is there. Prototype 003 as it is now is what I intend  to hand in as the end result of this term, along with documentation of my tools. For the rest of this term my focus will be on catching up with the dissertation and other, less practical or hands on work, I have left to get this done.

Some things to look at I noted while working on prototype 003 where:

  • The camera system and room visibility should be merge. Alongside this I need to make a tool that allows for only specific groups on the player reference spline to be available to track if the player is in a definable zone, this stops jumping between tracks at thin walls.
  • The shadow entity works surprisingly well, the robot body does not, while still not the highest priority I look forward to being able to rework its movement system from the ground up.

Not many notes for now, but i’m sure more will pop up after playtesting by other people and when I choose to write up my final critic and documents for my games systems.

Prototype 003 – Review

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