Prototype 003 – Visual Do over and getting ready for presentation

After some tweaking and refining the level I was confident of prototype 002.8’s design and started to get it ready for presentation. This is intended to be the final level I hand in for this term and show to my peers at the courses playtesting session, so evidently I want it to be snazzy. While not final assets I did take a day or two to make some extra animated greyboxes, props and small features to make the game feel that much more done. Below are the additions I made from 002.8 to 003.

Replaced Basic Assets


The carrying boxes, doors and environment were all giving some basic greyboxs and colours to spruce them up. Along with this scripts and props like the doors and noise distractions where change to incorporate animation instead of colour changes.


Ah to animate again, I really need to find more excuses for it

I also had a go with trying to light up the scene. This is an area I have little experience with, so I will need to take the time to research this later this year when this project reaches the art stage.

Specific Level Assets


Wires were added to inform the player what trigger activated what, they would also glow to let the player know they were active.


I’ve now added some basic sound to most actions and items in the scene from a soundpack I brought on the asset store.

Level transitions


I added in a basic start screen to the game and fade in and out between scene transitions. When the player reaches the end of the level there is now a specific animation sequences that plays before the scene fades out.

Death and Patrollers


When the AI Patroller catches the player, the player will play a shutdown animation and the screen will fade out before the level restarts. In the final game the patrollers capturing the player will not be that immediate, but for the sake of testing this will do.

Prototype 003 – Visual Do over and getting ready for presentation

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