Prototype 002.8 – Final Early Prototype


With the AI finally fixed up I was now free to start work on the final prototype of this term. The aim of this level was to demonstrate the three different approaches I can currently imagine taking in the design of my puzzles in Toasty, and to see how they felt to play:

  • Manipulating objects directly using the shadow entity and robot abilities.
  • Manipulating AI’s through noise triggers and the shadow entity.
  • Avoiding and navigation AI patrol patterns to reach the end.

Along with this I have also developed a few small additional features and tools that either helped polished the feel of the game, or added more options for my puzzles and were required.

Additional noise sources


Originally falling boxes could generate noise and would attract enemies to their position. However using this system in a playerbale manner would require a lot of additional features, such as a in game reset of those boxes positions, that while planed would take up too much development time now. To get around this I have instead made static intractable objects the noise triggers used to attract the AI Patrollers


These work exactly the same as the old noise objects except they have a specific settable location they give the AI, so, as seen in puzzel two, I can direct the AI to trigger level essential buttons. Because of this addition, and the lack of features mentioned earlier, I decided to remove the sound triggers from the falling boxes for now.

Area Visibility


Most 3rd person games with indoor locations i’ve seen hide rooms you logically shouldn’t be able to see. Being a stealth game this mechanic makes sense, and adds value to the shadows Entities scouting ability and so I have added this system to the level. This system works by revealing and hiding the mesh renders of objects that obscure specific rooms from view, based on where the player is on the player reference spline, and the currently open and closed doors.

Noise Area Script And Visual Prompt

toastybulletpoints_sheet003Taking inspiration from the (2003)XIII game I wanted to give players visual prompts of enemy positions or events in area blocked from sight, using 2D visual prompts(seen in the concept sheet above).


To the left the generator is on and hiding the Enemy’s position, to the left it is off.

Alongside what is shown in the prototype I have also developed a system for the noisy areas discussed above though this isn’t seen in the current playable levels, it may be used in the future.


(2003)XIII by Ubisoft Paris, one of the few stealth focused games I have actually played and finished, good times.

Prototype 002.8 – Final Early Prototype

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