StealthAI_V4 – Review

Doc_019.pngThe script is messy, incredibly messy and won’t be adaptable for future use, however it does it’s job as a prototype script and is a vast improvement on the older iterations. I will continue to tweak, and apply small fixes to this system as I use it in the prototype 003 scene, but for now it does more than enough to test with.


Consequently, while discussing my work with this system with one of my lecturers they recommend me the “Game Programming Patterns” book by Robert Nystrom. This book is focused on the architectures and set ups for different video game scripting systems. This will hopefully help me not get stuck so often with some of the misconceptions i’ve had in the past while scripting due to being self taught e.g. I originally thought that having more, even if inactive, scripts on the AI would negatively affect memory during runtime. I have been informed this is not the case. Knowing things like this in advance would be good.

StealthAI_V4 – Review

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