Prototype 002.1 AI Trouble

While starting work on prototype 3 i’ve noted, again problems with how the AI Patroller interacted with other systems, most notably in the AI_Brain script.


The current AI_Brain uses a state machine and courtine set up. This system is all rather new to me but while researching it seemed to be one of the most recommended formats for scripts of this kind, and it’s ability to make linear sequences of events, and then loops, seemed great for what I wanted in my AI’s behaviour when entering different states.


However as it is now, it does not function in a responsive manner and has become to hard to edit. Alongside this I have begun to notice how limited its patrolling features were for the tasks I needed it to do and so, as of now, I have decided to make updating the AI a priority and have started development on the 4th iteration of the enemy AI(iteration 3 was a attempted fix of 2 that didn’t pan out).

Prototype 002.1 AI Trouble

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