Toasty Camera Rail System – Version 2 Plan

toasty_prototype001_5_splashThe toasty alpha has now gotten to a stage where I am doing a second run of the initial features, the player movements, AI, noise and stealth elements and now I am starting the updates to the 3rd person camera rig(That was show earlier here Link).


Fundamentally version 2’s camera rig will works the same as version 1, three to two splines paths are inputted to it and then are used to:

  • First compare the player’s position along the first “PlayerRail” Path.
  • Then it applies the relative progress on the “PlayerRail” to the camera’s target point along the “CameraTrack” path.
  • Finally the cameras look target is place along it’s appropriate spot on the “LookPath”(which in most cases is just the “PlayerRail” again).

The main changes are going to be editor side, on the splines editing tools and then on ways to use these addition to allow for more control of the camera rigs overall path.


New Features:

Version 2’s focus is to add more range for bigger environments, with multiple paths and more subtle directional control. To that end these features are what I hope to add:

  • Track groups, the ability to split the splines into smaller segments.
  • Modifiers, that allow for different transitions, based on the current path the player is on
  • Different kinds of rigs, for different room set ups.
  • Transition from one set of spline paths to another.

And some refinements such as:

  • The ability to add new points on a already existing spline, and the ability to remove existing points.
  • The ability to snap spline points to each other.
  • The ability to copy coordinate details across multiple points
  • The ability to select multiple points at once.
  • A playback feature in editor to see what the camera sees at any point on the rail.

Further down the line I would also like to make more options, such as a specific edit mode for the camera rigs in the scene view, but that will be left to a later stage when the other editing systems are equally refined enough to plan for.

Toasty Camera Rail System – Version 2 Plan

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