Prototype 001.5 Review – Broken AI and Aims for Prototype 002


In the the scene above, prototype 001.5(working to 002) I have started to implement some of the finer, smaller features for my game. The aim for prototype 002, and this term overall, is to make a representative, prototype of the final Toasty experience. This means the focus is not towards final scripts, but scripts that work as stand ins for now and can do the basic actions the final scripts will need to do.

AI Broken


After getting most of my features together a lot of errors revealed themselves when systems interacted with each other specifically, in this case, the AI Patroller. The AI patroller had multiple issues pop up, it’s sound trigger no longer worked post a unity update, in fact it crashed unity when triggers were attempted. I’ve noted multiple instances where the nav agent would jump positions for unknown reasons, various smaller glitches due to it’s layers and unintentional interactions with its spherical detection trigger and a oversight in the sound distance checking when dealing with multiple floors.

Goals for Prototype 002

For Prototype 002 my final goals are to:

  • Get the AI to minimum working order, while not all bugs need to be fixed it’s detection system must work.
  • I need to add a basic button and door system, for the sake of puzzle testing.
  • Implementation of a basic carry ability for the robot avatar.
Prototype 001.5 Review – Broken AI and Aims for Prototype 002

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