Player Avatars – Transition Concept

toastybulletpoints_sheet002The core concept of the game is switching between the shadow Entity and the Robot body. Now I  have relatively stable versions of each I wanted to start work on a second prototype scene, a scene that focused on a basic puzzle surrounding this mechanic, and using it to get past the AI patroller.docGif_01.gif

The Animations for the robot avatar of entering, and returning from the shadow Entity state

Getting this feature implemented didn’t take long, I made a avatar Manger gameObject and script that would keep track of the currently active avatar. At any point the robot Avatar could transition to the shadow Entity, that would spawn under it’s position and leave it inactive. Then to return, the shadow entity could enter the robot avatar again solong as it was nearby and in direct line of sight, a line would appear between the two avatars in the prototype to let the player know when returning is valid.

Player Avatars – Transition Concept

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