Noise Objects to AI Integration

One additional feature I added for the prototype 001 was a collision script that would trigger the AI patroller’s sound check feature if certain criteria were met.toastymecanic_002

The script, noiseEmission, works by checking its velocity on impact when it collides with something and uses that value as a reference for it’s volume. It then checks for any nearby receiver scripts(the AI hearing script) and sees if the sound was both near enough, and loud enough to investigate. If this is returned valid the AI investigates.


The initial test scene for the noise Objects

One thing I have yet to decide on fully is where the script should go. If I put it on the environments, the walls and floor, it means only one script instance, and one script to manage. However if I put it on the objects that fall I can give each specific settings and collision sounds. I will experiment with what is best as this project go on.

Noise Objects to AI Integration

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