Toasty – Combining features


After getting all my prototyped features into one project, I must now work on changing them form self contained, isolated systems to interconnect and interactive ones. Alongside this I need to develop features that proof of concept was done, but practical features were not.

3rd Person Robot Avatar


When I initially did the animation for the robot avatar I attempted to make it seem weighty and slightly clumsy. Playing it now I seemed to have gone too far in that direction, it’s animations and scripting will need to be refined at some point in the future. Though while clunky it still works well enough to test with, I will leave reworking it to later in the project.

Shadow Movement


While how the shadow avatar would navigate changing surfaces was figured out in it’s prototype it lacks most of the features to make it a playable player avatar and will need the most new features added at this state. However most of the features it’s missing are relatively simple so it shouldn’t take too much time to complete.

AI Patroller


The AI brain seems to be stable, for now all it needs to  work with other features in the game is an intractable object to trigger it’s sound investigation function.

The Camera Rail


The camera system is perfectly functional for what I need it to do for now.

Room Editing Kits


As state earlier the room editing kits are considered low priority for now, they probably won’t be looked at until the other features of the game are have neared completion.

Toasty – Combining features

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