Design Doc – First draft

At this stage I have started to put together the first draft of the design document for Toasty. Below are some of the snippets of it’s contents.


Toasty is the working title for the puzzle/stealth game I hope to start development of over this UNI year. During this project I aim to take the skills I have learnt to make a technically competent fulfilling, low key gaming experiences, and to develop tools and foundations I can later build upon to make more complex titles in the future.

I will be working on this project solo with the hopes continuing development and eventually publishing the final project after my time at uni. While I am optimistic I will be able to produce all elements myself I may need to either purchase, or employ external help for sound down the line.

1.1 Scope

While this project is in these very early stages this document will start as a way to note down all the potential concepts and routes Toasty might take. Once the first playable has been made, with the bare minimum of each aspect of the game I will use it to reevaluate what direction the design should go down for the best player experience. These notes will at that point be streamlined, stripping out the redundant concepts, while I start making a work plan that aims for a competent, technical prototype for my first deadline.

For now, the main routes that will be noted here are concepts that lean to either:

  • A near 3rd person perspective, puzzle focused stealth game, with a focus on puzzle and navigation while avoiding basic patrolling AI.
  • Or a wider perspective, stealth game with puzzle elements that focus on making relatively complex AI, with interesting behaviors that can be exploited and fun to outwit.
Design Doc – First draft

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