Stealth AI – Patrol Paths

Any AI unit I make will need to follow a patrol path so I decided to focus on making a wayPoint editor before anything else.


Above is a screenshot of the script in action. The base script, AIpath, is simply a storage of vector3 points. To edit it a editor script generates a handle for each of these points in the scene, and a path connecting each line in a loop. When a point is selected you will be given the options seen to the right and the line leading to your selected point will be highlighted. If you add a new point it will do so in the middle of this selected line, if you remove a point it will simply take away the selected point.

This is a relatively simple system, and will need to be expanded on in the final game, but for now, combined with unity’s navagents offers a quick and easy way to establish patrol paths, without needing to use multiple objects as a reference point.

Stealth AI – Patrol Paths

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