Stealth AI – Toasty patrollers concept

Knowing now that the wall walking mechanic is valid, it is time to look at the of the more general systems of the game. While i’ve worked with different kinds of player mechanics before, AI’s are new to me and so required a lot of initial research. In my final concept I want to give the AI’s a lot of small behaviors and interactions, to make them 1. More comedic, and 2. More lively, fitting the theme of the game. Before this however I need to get my head around the bare minimum functions a patrolling AI needs.

Above is a video from the unity stealth game tutorial series, one of my points of reference when starting this. I have also been researching the scripting concepts of state machines, delegates and coroutine loops.


What needs to be done

To keep things simple, I will set out to make the most basic of AI patrollers for the prototype with some throw away scripting that can, at the least:

  • Follow a predetermined path
  • Respond to seeing the player in a vision area
  • Respond to noise inputs, determined by comparing the sound origin and volume
  • Chase the player when sighted.

In the future I would like to expand these features, however I will leave that until after I have a better understanding of scripting for AIs, for now I will being making a prototype script for the purpose of seeing a AI in action in my game to help me determine what additional features may or may not be appropriate later for balancing and design.

Stealth AI – Toasty patrollers concept

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