Mecanim – Working With Root Motion


Mecanim/Root Motion based movement certainly has a lot of pros for a animator, overall sequences of movements and flourishes can easily be done animation side. However simply recreating the responsive feedback of a consistent program and number based movement system is hard to intuitively emulate.


Working with my first attempt at animating for root motion movements, I(as shown above) made a number of paths to move my characters along in blender for reference, changing the root movements direction at each step distance. I then exported these animations to unity and tested how they felt to move, their responsiveness, speed and so on before editing and trying again.


With these initial test I wanted Toasty to feel weighty, clunky to serve as a good contrast to the planned smoother shadow movement later. This may change down the line if this proves to unsuitable for the stealth game mechanics, player feel is one of the key elements I am trying to refine here, but that will have to wait until I can see how this version of the player avatar fits in with the rest of the planned features.

Mecanim – Working With Root Motion

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