Toasty Project – Stoic Sugar Cubes On Hold

After the experimenting and testing of new features for 3rd person games mechanics, I have decided to drop the “Stoic Sugar Cubes” continuation and instead go for a smaller, more organic concept I am currently referring to as Toasty.

This new project was decided on while I was learning the mecanim systems show in the video above. While the ideal concept for Stoic Sugar Cubes is still one I am fond of, it’s scope is too big, and I have not, as of yet, built up a library of tools to feasibly pull off a project of this scale with confidence. I need a project with a stronger core set of features as a backbone to build additional tools around, that is where Toasty comes in.

ToastyMecanic_002.pngToasty’s concept is of a casual stealth game, made to be a more relaxing, looney toones like equivalent to the ones I have seen in the current market. It’s core mechanic is the player’s ability at any point to separate from their robot avatar(diagram above), and to move around as a shadow on the wall free to zoom through the level and clear a path for themselves.

ToastyMecanic_001.pngThe key features I hope to add to my belt in this project are:

  • Simple AI.
  • Basic Stealth Game Features.
  • Complex, Medium sized level systems.
  • Basic overall game features.
  • Polished Animation.

With the two special additions of:

  • A basic wall clinging movement system.
  • A basic interior room editor system.

I believe all these features to be doable over the next 2(to 3) years, while and after my time at uni. It is also my aim to make this game to a publishable level and use it as a starting point for myself in the industry.InEngineArtTest_001.pngFor now I will start work on a new design document and on working on the features listed above. The leftover concept art and art test for Stoic Sugar Cubes project, will be posted on this blog when I have the time to collect them.

Toasty Project – Stoic Sugar Cubes On Hold

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