Mecanim Animation

So after the Stoic Sugar Cubes prototype i’ve decided to spend the summer planning for the next iteration of the project by refining and redesigning all elements of the game before returning for my final year at Uni. In particular the player characters movements and abilities.

So to start this off I have gone through John Mac’s tutorial series that goes through how to make a nintendo-esque 3rd person player and camera system using mecanim, complete with pivoting and all, and am now attempting to implement it to my own character and animations.

In this video I demonstrate the current movement set up with Toasty, a simple character I have designed for the purpose of faster testing over the summer. As it is now the controls still need more work, over the next few weeks I will be tweaking the animations, animator settings and script in my attempts to make a character with a nice and physical game feel as I get used to this method of moving characters.

Mecanim Animation

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