Stoic Sugar Cubes – After Vertical Slice Plans



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When I started  this project, the aim was to gain an understanding of the design of 3rd person platforming games, the creation and implementation of their art assets, in the form of modular kits and editor tools, and the scripting required to make a versatile range of character types to offer a wide range of play.


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Over the last 4 months I believe I have accomplished these goals and have learnt a lot by doing this project, and believe I could learn a lot more by continuing with this project. After discussing with my course lecturers if I could continue this project over the third year, I have decided to keep working on StoicSugarCubes and will attempt to bring it beyond a vertical slice and into the realm of a publishable game over the course of the next 1 to 2 years.


To this end I plan to continue work over the summer holidays with 3 main aims I hope to achieve before September:

1- Do a complete overhaul and revision of the game’s design document based on what i’ve learnt from the vertical slice and feedback from it, with the mindset of this game being attempted as a finished and publishable game. Elements that are not currently present, like narrative, would need to be considered especially.

2- Research the proper scripting design and techniques in order to make a polished and versatile foundation for a 3rd person controller and camera. This will need to be adaptable for use with the different range of player avatars planned, and to refine the systems made for the vertical slice.

3- Start development of more concrete concept art, and determine the final range of environments and characters. Alongside this I intend to practice on improving my digital painting ability in regards to final, commercial level visuals.


While the aim of making a publishable game may seem a bit ambitious for a solo endeavor, I feel more passionate about this project than any other before. If nothing else I believe I will learn a lot more about overall game development by bringing this project closer to completion than I would by dropping everything and restarting anew next year.

Stoic Sugar Cubes – After Vertical Slice Plans

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