Stoic Sugar Cubes – Final Week Update List


Screenshot of the Water Tower model in the level select

It’s been quite fun being in this final push before deadline, so many things getting implemented and fixed to give the game that nice submission level of final polish before hand in.


With that in mind, I thought I would make a update list, like a proper developer, to illustrate what’s been done in the last few days to my memory, since doing full documentation as I usually do would take to long, considering all the features being fixed or added each day.


15 April:

Made UI compatible with aspect ratio changes

Fixed UI fullscreen mode scaling issue

Fixed controller input bug on menus

Added Foliage to guide players in ‘Water Tower’ level

Refined ‘Area 1’ art assets in level 1

Added additional puzzle to Level 1

Implemented Checkpoints to game

Added 3D animated floating text for teleport and checkpoint markers


14 April:

Implemented pivot editor tools to project

Implement ‘pivot publish’ option to block tool

Fixed animation sound events

Finished ‘Water Tower’ levels first build

Updated Level Select Icons and options

Added art level, early greybox and Water Tower to Level Select

13 April:

Implement mouse and keyboard controls for camera and player

Added in game pause menu

Added Camera options

  1. Mouse Y Sensitivity
  2. Mouse X Sensitivity
  3. Mouse Zoom Sensitivity
  4. Invert X
  5. Invert Y

Started Work on Water Tower

Added player sounds

Added vegetation animation shader


12 April:

Revised PlayerMovement script

Made Jump function more reliable

Began Work on starting area for level 1 ‘Highgate’


There is more that slipped my mind of when they were implemented, but safe to say it’s been a busy, though very enjoyable week. I’m going to be implementing a few more things over today and tomorrow, refining the environments in level 1, prefabing the menus systems, removing redundant inputs and cleaning up the texture files.
Once that’s done I will consider the vertical slice build done and focus on doing the last bits of documentation before hand in. Before then I will be doing a final write up on this project and my plans for it after submission.

Stoic Sugar Cubes – Final Week Update List

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