Stoic Sugar Cubes – Eroded plaster and brick Wall Kit


After making the grey brick kit, and making the test scene shown above, I wanted to make a set of assets that could be used for bigger landscape items such as buildings and floor levels rather than the grey brick walls, that could only be used for dividing areas, not making them.

Based on some of my earlier concepts and images from my highgate moodboard I decided to do a 3 layered plaster wall.


My first attempt at plain walls for Stoic Sugar Cubes using painterly effects and gradients…It didn’t work…

The aesthetic for Stoic sugar Cubes tends to fall down on big clean areas, as I found with past attempts at plaster walls(shown above). Objects and details are made with solid colours and shapes, painterly effects and gradients tend to clash with that in this alpha focused style. However making a big, clear, wall was just too empty to work among the already established foliage and brickwork aesthetic.


So to work around this I planed the wall to have three layers that I could easily transition to at any point in engine, if the wall got to quiet(the initial diagram for this can be seen above, concept 4 on the second page).


Above is a screenshot showing all the parts of the wall kit in Blender and the texture sheet for the alphas. In engine this set was relatively easy to use(though I am very much looking forward to after the deadline where I can justify making some editor scripts to help speed things up) and the transitions easily solved the model noise concern.


The grey brick and eroded plaster walls together in the art scene

Stoic Sugar Cubes – Eroded plaster and brick Wall Kit

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