Stoic Sugar Cubes – Cleaning up the stone wall asssest


Been a bit of a lull until this week on the Stoic Sugar Cube work, this is largely because my focus was shifted to getting the Woman in dress model, and some required courses essays, out of the way. However since the beginning of this month I was able to get back to work on this project again.

After fixing up the character controllers coding, to streamline it so the bouncing and water buoyancy systems work the same way, I started cleaning up the grey brick wall asset that was shown back in march, to update it for a modular workflow.


Doing this was relatively simple, I split the object up in it’s key areas(as shown above), splitting the edges where necessary. I then cleaned up the faces and unwrapped the model.


As shown above many of the faces share the same texture space, the aim with theses assets are to be modular, reusable via texture swapping and be relatively quick and easy to produce.

In this iteration of the model I made the alpha bricks their own texture for the singular pattern. In the next example I will show I move to using texture atlas principles which I feel works better for this project.

There are a few more criticisms I have on the optimization of this asset kit in retrospect. As I made more stone and tile asset after this, I feel I should have made the slabs in this kit part of a bigger texture group for slabs and pavements, but that’s something to note for future assets.

Stoic Sugar Cubes – Cleaning up the stone wall asssest

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