Woman In Dress – Alpha effects

After getting the texturing done I wanted to add some more detail to the model, especially at the ends of the dress and face so I decided to add some alpha effects in Blender(which I use for painting).


Above are screenshots of the alpha effects in Unity 5 engine

After exporting the mesh to blender I extruded faces from the original mesh along their normals and then shaped and UV mapped them so I could make a few simple patterns that would be looped around the mesh.


The Texture map and UV layout for the alpha effects

Once This was done I split the alpha mesh and exported back into maya. I ran into some issues with the UVs when trying to merge the alpha meshes with the main clothing items, so instead kept them separate in maya. While I could try to join the entire meshes for optimization sake, I want to keep things separate for unity so I can remove and add components when I present it.

Woman In Dress – Alpha effects

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