Woman In Dress – Baking in Xnormal -march 27


With the normal map done I prepped the high and low poly models for baking in xnormal. As with the bird mask I exploded the clothing items to stop any errors in the bake. Mostly this worked out, however there were some errors at the bottom of the dress, where the difference in the gemtroy was too much.


I manually fixed this in photoshop by painting out the errors in the different colour channels however for the future I will make sure to either tone down the high poly sculpts when it comes to folds, or be willing to add more faces to the low poly.

Main Body


The main body was simpler. Due to the expected errors in the fingers and inner thigh I made a cage from the low poly to help the ray casting and only had to fix the occasional error in photoshop.

Above shows some of the errors that were phased out as I tweaked the cage model.

Woman In Dress – Baking in Xnormal -march 27

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