Woman In Dress – Modeling the fabrics Retrospective

Before this project I hadn’t done any work with fabric and clothing in 3D(or 2D, if i’m honest) so my knowledge and knowhow on creases and folds was lacking.


Before tackling the main clothing of the woman model I did a few practice goes at basics shirts, jumpers and shorts using masks I took from the main body sculpt.


Dress – Sculpt Attempt


While the shirt and bodice worked out well the dress was a different matter. I attempted to sculpt it in zBrush at first but it always came out looking like play dough wrapped around the model, not a light dancing dress.

nCloth – Maya


To get around this I used nCloths in maya. While it would have been nice to be able to have sculpted the effect this method just works better until I get better at making lighter fabrics.

The results was better, and worked for the model after tweaking the settings a bit but is something I will still need to look into in the future. While it is lighter than the sculpted attempt the dress still seems heavy, while this may disappear if it were properly rigged and animated it is something I will need to look into before the next attempt at a model like this.

Woman In Dress – Modeling the fabrics Retrospective

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