Stoic Sugar Cubes – Sprint Planning and documentation

After spending the last week on the art assignment I am now refocusing my attention to the “Stoic Sugar Cubes” video game assignment with the benefit of having a week away from it, allowing me to reassess things. To this end I have done the bellow documentation to describe what I have planned for the levels and character design, how I intend to do it and why. While this doesn’t replace the design document it does help me sort this out in my own mind and gives me aids to explain my ideas to others, I will continue to do more of these when appropriate as I work, alongside the design document.


The next step for this project will be to start making the environments listed above. While I wish to make these elements components of larger kits, seeing that the scale for the levels is rather small I will first simply get on with modeling the advance greyboxes to help me determine the final style and look for the levels. After this I can repurpose these existing environmental assets to modular kits.


Stoic Sugar Cubes – Sprint Planning and documentation

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