Stoic Sugar Cubes – Moodboards



The visual style I want to go for with Stoic Sugar Cubes take it’s influences from the 3D mario games in shape and form. The way the levels are constructed and the stylized looks of the objects and architecture. Above is the moodboard I will be referring to when modeling the terrain assets for my game to give me a idea on how I should go about it.



With the game’s setting of modern and victorian london I have collected these images above to be used to design the terrain objects for the game’s levels. In the end I hope for the game to have a cheerfully mundane look to it when using this setting rainy greys, blues and brick oranges.

Highgate Cemetery


For the vertical Slice levels I will be modeling architecture and iconography from Highgate Cemetery to be used for the terrain so I have put together this specific moodboard focusing on it.

Stoic Sugar Cubes – Moodboards

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