Stoic Sugar Cubes – Art Test in Unity 5 Engine

This weekend I wanted to do some experiments to figure out how the games terrain might actually look. Since i’m working with stylistic and slightly abstract low poly models anyway I thought it would be interesting to play around with some novel ways of using some basic alpha textures with layering and shader effects for the look of the game.

Owl Spirit Pres Page_0006

Click the image above to see the model on Sketchfab

Above is the owl spirit bust I made last year and it is this look I want to try to expand upon for the terrain of my game. Below is the first rough I did to get back into the swing of texturing and basic modeling.


Surfacie to say it’s a bit limited even for low poly so, having gotten the bad out of my system I made a second attempt, adding some shape detail to the main bricks and then looking at how I could make the blank wall areas of my game more interesting with alpha textures.


I want the surfaces in my game, from the grass covered floors to brick and stone walls to have a uneven, painterly and slightly rough feel to them. So above I have tried out having two layers of an alpha texture above the pain wall and painted some simplistic brick shapes onto each. While the brick placement could use some refinement to reduce the overlap I think this achieves a nice painterly look for the texture while still seeming 3D. Along with this it’s simplicity makes it very achievable for a one man team and suits my needs well.


Stoic Sugar Cubes – Art Test in Unity 5 Engine

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