AAA Assets: BirdMask In Unreal 4 and Final Thoughts


Never used Unreal before this week, beyond having it downloaded on my computer, but the final part of the AAA asset submission was to get our model in a Unreal 4 build so below I am going to give a quick breakdown of my build before giving my final thoughts on this assignment overall and my progress within it.

Level 1:


My build has 5 levels, accessed by the 1 to 5 number keys respectively, the image above is what the build opens to in level 1, a scene with a simple image in the middle informing you of how to reach the other scenes and what’s in them.

Level 2 & Level 3:



These scenes contain the final model with all it’s textures. I also included a little pedestal set up for show and used Unreal’s blueprint system to make the directional light in the scene rotate around the mask to show off the textures better.

Level 4:


A slightly more dynamic shot this scene contains the birdmask, one of Unreal’s standard assets chairs and my woman model from last summer in a dark space with a blue key light. This scene was just an attempt at showing the mask in a less clinical context.

Level 5:


This level contains the birdmask model using the normal texture with surface details that was made using zBrush. This is a unfished model since I dropped that method and continued on with Quixel but still seemed worth showing so it’s there as a little extra.

Final Thoughts

This looks really snug damn it

My only attempt at photorealistic models and hi-poly before this assignment was the woman model from this summer. I have never really gone through the entire pipeline for making photorealistic assets, using surface textures, alphas, occlusion maps and the like before. Due to tackling this assignment I now am aware of at least the basics of the hi-poly asset pipeline. This project has greatly expanded my knowledge set of texturing, baking and using Autodesk Maya instead of blender and has given me quite a few new tools to consider when I go back to my main style of modeling.

AAA Assets: BirdMask In Unreal 4 and Final Thoughts

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