CandleLight: Beacon set

Here is the concept for the beacon set of props for the game, the beacon itself, that emits a beam of light, the prism, that splits beams of light it receives and the mirror, that reflects beams of light that hit it. With their design i’ve based each one around a basic shape, square(for the beacon), tringale(for the prism) and circle(for the mirror) to help them be easily distinguishable from each other from a distance for the player, since their use in game will require it.

To this point i’ve kept most of my concepts monotone, leaving the final colour scheme for later, but here i’ve specifically coloured the handles red due to it being important to the design as I intend it to draw the player’s attention and help them realize it’s a intractable object. Also I have depicted the mirrors and glass areas as shadeless, or at least slightly emissive, so they are easier to make out from a distance and it is clear which of the three they are.

CandleLight: Beacon set

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