AAA Prop Assignment – Reference Sheet

The finished reference sheet for my AAA asset assignment. Did a bit more research into motor and aviator helmets to refine the concept. I’ve decided to go away from the weaved mask, while it would have been a nice challenge I know I won’t be able to learn enough about the ZBrush workflow for it to be feasible in the time I have so instead I am going for a plastic mask(Though I will keep tabs on this idea as I do learn Zbrush this year).

With this reference done I will do the majority of the modeling in maya. With this being one of my first goes at this kind of workflow(except maybe the woman sculpt from the summer) while I will hope to have time to add a extra level of detail in mudbox, or even zbrush, I am going to work with the maya model being the final in mind. However I do intend to add at least textured surface details as shown to us in our zbrush and maya lectures if nothing else.

AAA Prop Assignment – Reference Sheet

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