CandleLight: Environment Concept Development Research

Note: From now on the group game project’s working title is “Candlelight” and I will be posting work relating to it under that header.


By the group’s second meeting we had decided to focus the game’s visual style, currently of the working title ‘CandleLight’, off references such as the games ‘Journey’, ‘Grow Home’ and ‘Monument Valley’ for their colourful and slightly more abstract styles. This led me to look into ancient Indian, Islamic, Asian and Venetian architecture which were noted as recurring themes in the references we were looking at and possible spins on the ‘Renaissance’ concept.


When we decided we wanted to go for a grand, and slightly fanciful location for our library, the ‘Mines of Moria’ from ‘The Lord of The Rings’ films, with their pillars going for miles under the mountain being the shot I was refered too. With this I started to look into geological features that could allow such grandiose underground locations, while still providing our game with some sources of light and colour.


This led me to look at underground features, some artificial, like salt mines and some natural, like underground lakes and Cenotes. Some of the specific names that came up in my research here were: The Melissani Cave, The Turda Salt Mines, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Hamilton Pool.

Alongside these I look into some more contemporary structures for inspiration such as Archigram’s and Peter Cooks futuristic buildings, walking cities and also chandeliers which I thought could be an interesting bases for some suspended buildings designs.


CandleLight: Environment Concept Development Research

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