Photorealistic Woman Model – Final Sculpt


Follow this link to view the model online:

During the summer I decided I wanted to finally add some hi-poly work to my portfolio in order to get ready for the second year of uni and increase my anatomical knowledge through practice.

Alongside this my sister and dad were asking for a updated human model from the one I made for them last year for their game engine based art projects.


The final base model before sculpting.

Since I had never done this kind of work before I search online for some tutorials to give me a basis, I largely referenced James Taylor’s online series where he goes through making a male base model in Maya and then how to go about sculpting and texturing it in Mudbox.

One of the videos of James Taylor’s series I followed.

While making this model I did my best to not overly stylise or exaggerate it, that is why I have soften some of the details like the back of the leg and shoulders.


I also used this free set of images references found here as the basis of the model and textures:

To complete this project I learnt to:

  • Make function base meshes in Maya.
  • Project multiple Stencil images onto a 3D model, and the following clean up.(To Be Shown Later)
  • Sculpt in Mudbox.
  • Extract normal Maps.


Lower Poly Woman Model(Tris:46,256/Faces:23,128) as ragdoll and with both the normal map and cleaned up projection based diffuse map

In the future I would like to learn how to properly retopologize the mesh using automatic tools and how to do a proper rig in Maya. For now, for game engine proposes, I am using a version of the model at level 2 subdivides with a normal map, and Mayas default human rig until I have the time to research these areas further.

Photorealistic Woman Model – Final Sculpt

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