Background Paintings – Animation Assignment

Finally getting around to posting some of last years animation work, one of the final assignments for the animation module was to make a interior and exterior background painting, based on a storyboard that could be our own or from a set.

Interior Background


For the interior background I wanted to do a nighttime scene with blue lights and eerie colours. This was also a practice at doing painting like visual styles in photoshop. I designed the shot myself and used multiple photo references to make a long, relatively modern looking bathroom.

Below are the stages of this backgrounds production starting with a 3D mock up in blender and detailed plan in flash before the final workings in photoshop. There is also the photos I used for reference of the items in the scene.

InterorWIP3png InterorWIP2 InterorWIP1

Interior development from newest to oldest


Photo references for the Interior background

Exterior Background


For the exterior I choose one of the set storyboards, the information along with the image was simply that it was set in the 1920s. For this background I researched coffee and food stalls of both modern day and old, I also looked at the paintings by artist PascalCampion, who I wanted to try to emulate.

Below are again the images of different stages of this backgrounds production plus the initial storyboard image and some of the photo references I used. The development for this one went from designing the scene, lighting and colours in photoshop before vectorising it in flash and doing the final image in the sharper style.

Wordpress004 Wordpress002 Wordpress003

Exterior development from newest to oldest.


The initial storyboard.


Photo references for the exterior background

Background Paintings – Animation Assignment

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