Under Temple Final Assets – Retrospective and Final Implementation

Last week we submitted the vertical slice for ‘Balance’s final hand in. Now that all my assets have been done to the state in which the will probably remain, I would like to have a final look at the under temple assets.

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The assets and Implementation

Firstly the assets themselves – here are some screenshots of the final, fully textured under temple components and their textures:

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MyUnderTempleProjectWhile, as with everything, I would have liked more time to texture these, I think I managed my time making these well. I got the whiteboxes to the designers early enough, and finalised all the sets that were used in the game before deadline. Alongside this, shown to the right, I believe I managed to keep things properly named and structured, in the project dictionary, to make things relatively formatted and easy to find(or at least as much as they could be) for other members of my team.

However, as can be seen from comparison shots of my example levels, constructed by me, and those in the final game, by the designers, the under temple assets could have been utilised better. While this is partly due to the game being the designers first time constructing video game levels of this complexity, and mine working with other people like this, I think the outcome could have been better if I had managed to put more time aside to meet with the designers, and have an induction for the modular systems.

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Under Temple Assets In My In Engine Example Scenes

I will go into this in more detail when discussing the modular systems I put in place, but when I was first planning, and researching the modular route for construction, I couldn’t, as preferred, do it in collaboration with the designers. At the time, they were still very new to level construction and didn’t fully understand the concept. Because of this I worked on my own to construct the under temple whiteboxes, based on what I felt was needed from their level designs. However when I suddenly dropped a month’s worth of systems and assets on the designers, they were obviously overwhelmed. While I did subsequently try to set up a few short meetings to explain and oversee the assets Implementation, our groups relative inexperience and lack of time stopped us from properly doing so.

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Under Temple Area In Final Game By Designers

Still, while I don’t think my assets managed to fully shine through in the final game, I do believe our group has now gained the experience where, if we were to continue this project, we would have the systems and routines in place to fully show our potential.

…Plus, marking wise, the screenshots above keep me in the clear so all good on my front.

Under Temple Final Assets – Retrospective and Final Implementation

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