Moodboards and research

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Here is a collection of the Moodboards I put together for doing the initial concept art for ‘Balance’.


Since the initial concept for ‘Balance’ was heavily inspired by shinto based imagery I wanted to be sure to do at least some basic research to the traditional costumes and customs to inform my art design, though joining the group as late as did I had little time. Specifically I wanted to avoid using solely pop-cultural imagery and items, such as manga and anime which is what I was directed to by my designers, without checking up on their historical meaning. Since shinto, and Japanese history as a whole is quite unknown to me I wanted to try and make my artwork as appropriate as I could within my ability for those that new the history.

Player Model Day 4_22_1_15_Lorcan MMainChararter Desgin2ConceptSheet

A example of this research would be the medicine case ‘Inrō’ on front of the player character model.

Throughout this blog you can see some of this reflected in some of the more research focus concepts, such as the town building designs, and for those that can see it the notes and observations I kept in my to hand journal. Bellow are some of the links I found useful for informing my concept art as examples.

For future reference I am now planning to try and start building a small collection of image heavy historical books on different cultures and areas to help me have a quicker start into researching for future concepts.

Moodboards and research

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