‘Balance’ Final Player Avatar Rig and Animations

Since it had been suggested by the group, and I had the time to do so along with my art based roles, I took up doing the final animations for the player avatar for our game Balance. Since there were only two weeks before deadline, and I still had more under temple assets to do I could only dedicate a little time every now and then to this but I still managed to get it to the team in time for the animations to be implement to the game.

The video above shows the player avatar with it’s final run, walk, idle, action(unused) and jump animations close up. Alongside giving the group a full set of animations to work with, this was a nice opportunity for me to build my animation portfolio a bit more and have a fun break from the under temple assets for a bit. I will say though that, if I had more time, I would have liked simplify the rigs dress bones, which are currently leftovers from my experiments in bone based cloth movement. While this didn’t stop the rig from functioning it did make it more difficult to work with and would have just been nice to have the chance to improve if I could.

‘Balance’ Final Player Avatar Rig and Animations

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