The Jumping Block – Semester 1 Retrospective

The primarily task for this animation was to show the anticipatory movement for the main motion and the use of taking footage for reference for our animations.


In my block jumping animation I tried to show the anticipation with small counter movements to the main actions of the character, such as the slight stretch up before going down in the jump and the slight pause before the major movements to give the viewer time to focus on the pose. I also exaggerate the squash and squish effect on this character, given the simplicity of the shape I felt it would add a bit more character to the block and allow me to give the block some depth.


*Notebook Animation Plan*

If I were to do this animation again, or go back and edit it the main change I would make would be the time he spends in the middle of the jump, it lingers there to long, I would also add a bit more buffer to his squish after landing so his recovery didn’t seem so sudden.

Jump Plan

This animation is unique among the ones i’ve done so far this year for being the only traditional hand to paper animation i’ve done. In preparation for this I first did a quick breakdown of the poses and motion in flash(seen above) before doing the digram shown below so I would know what I needed to do before going into the studio(think it was about 4 – 5 hours above that drawing board in the end, fun day/night).


Being hand drawn simply editing frames in later would not be a easy task so I put some extra effort into planing out the amount of inbetweeners between each motion, the breakdown between each key frame can be seen on the digram above.

The Jumping Block – Semester 1 Retrospective

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