Hand Turn Around – Semester 1 Retrospective

This assignment focused on breakdown frames, inbetweeners and copying styles. We were given two frames and a inbetween guide to follow and were told to do the breakdown frames inbetween.

TurningHandGifExsportThe most difficult part of this exercise was copying they style of the hand, especially the thumb which could have used less lines and been rounder. If ever given the time to do this properly I would probably have made a character reference to work with and done some practices sketches beforehand to adapt to the style. Despite that however it was a good exercises in working to someone else’s work and I did mange to keep the volume of the hand consistent and the lines clean.

Assigment 3 - Hand Animation PAGE

This animation, unlike my others, was animated in photoshop(a side part to this assignment) which, while a bit more tedious to animated in than flash, gave me more control over the lines.


*Notebook Animation Plan*

Hand Turn Around – Semester 1 Retrospective

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