Chararter Lifting Object – Semester 1 Retrospective

The task of this assignment was to depict a character lifting a heavy object.


since this was the first assignment where we were challenged to animated a character I decided use this task bring a revised version of my ‘Strong Man’ character from my 2013 animated loops project to 2014.


*The “Strong Man” reference sheet from my 2013 “Animated loops” A2 Fine Art piece*

While I am quite happy with the beginning of the animation(and strong man’s look), showing him casually trying to move the case and the sudden tug-back he receives feels natural to me and depicts a attitude quite well. The transition to walking however was too sudden with too few frames inbetween and, while the arm and shoulder placement is seems to work in the walk cycle, the body behind doesn’t keep it’s form consistently.


*The animation in the breakdown stage*

In the end this was mainly due to my lack of understanding of the characters shape, in the future I will need to work on my character reference sheets and do more practice with base shapes and pose/sketch practices to get this right.


*Notebook Animation Plan*

However I am still quite happy, this being my first moderate sized 2D practice of the year, I may have overshot a little with my aspirations on this one but I still managed to get good results and experience regardless.

Chararter Lifting Object – Semester 1 Retrospective

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