Modular Terrain Blocks


*The range of faces that make up the variation of terrain blocks shapes.*

The modular terrain blocks were made mainly as a experiment to figure out how to make the basic range of modular shapes for terrains. The goal was to reuse as many faces as possible and make using the blocks as optimizable as possible in engine(to this end I made a script that made them easier to put together in the Unity editor, shown in the video below).


*A example of how the faces above look when arranged in the Unity editor into a full set terrain block components to use*

The blocks themselves were made to be a set of basic outdoor assets to quickly do up any outside levels that needed it but due to time constraints these environments have, for the meanwhile been cut for the inner and outer temple area, rendering these blocks currently null.

Still they did provide me with the knowledge I needed to work with modular blocks for future projects and a good base script editor to keep developing.

Modular Terrain Blocks

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