Under Temple – Modular Parts, WhiteBoxing Day 1

Started some of the basic whitebox/stand-in meshes for the assets from the list I made yesterday. The plan is to spend the next few days making all the primitive meshes for the components so the designers can start using them in engine as soon as possible. The advantage of doing it this way is, instead of waiting for me to finish each assets first, then implementing them in engine, is it allows meshes to immediately be updated when the finalised models are complete while still allowing them to be used now(reducing repetitive work later on).


I plan to have the stand-ins engine ready before the end of this week, though I will need to go over how to implement them with the programer first since, due to a continued lack of version control, I still do not a firm idea of how our games collider work and have seen no documentation on the matter.

Still when in engine that should leave no dependancy in the group reliant on me which will allow my to give bringing these assets to a final state my full attention for the remaindered of the pre easter sprint.

Under Temple – Modular Parts, WhiteBoxing Day 1

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