Under Temple – Modular Parts, Checklist

*Here is a checklist I plan to update whenever I finish a whiteboxed art assest for the underground temple area*


6-3-15 Update: Wall / Wall+Face / Ground Tiles – Time 1H 15Mins

10-3-15 Update: The platform and all it’s sloped variants/ The 1 slot walls and variants/ The collider meshes for these objects/ Test in the Unity engine – Time 3 – 4 hours

Doing the platform and it’s variants will probably be the most demanding of these whiteboxes. Because i’ve never done anything like them before I needed to figure out how to make all the variations match up with each other, with this done however other similar objects can now use these initial ones as reference.

11-3-15 Update: Stairs/ Stair skirting/ 2D colliders for all whitebox objects – Time 2 hours

After talking to the programer it became apparent all meshes will need two colliders variants, a normal on for the 3D mode and one stretched out to a extreme on the z axis for the 2D mode.

Under Temple – Modular Parts, Checklist

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