Dev Work: Level Designs and Maps

Due to a lack of usable level maps to work with the artist for ‘Balance’ are now doing some basic design map to give the designers a idea of what it is we need to work with to start making this game.


Above is my first attempt at one of these maps which portrays a simple tutorial level that teaches the player the basic of our games core mechanic of 2D to 2.5D shifts and gets them used to the camera movements subtle mechanics. It also has footnotes about the specific level features, informative text to give some narrative context and my name so anyone reading this map would know who to ask for more details.

While I don’t have an example of it here it would also be expected for each map image to have a accompanying text file that goes into further detail about the levels inner workings and context for each pathway in the group e.g. art, programming, music.

While the imagery is a bit clunky and the key needs more work it gets across the general idea of what we need from these maps, once the games mechanics have become more cemented, and I have more experience working with the games mechanics, I will hopefully be able to improve on the design and layout of these maps to make the information clearer.

Dev Work: Level Designs and Maps

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