Old Updates: 3D Female Anatomy Study Model – 24/6/14

There are quite a few projects, models and series from before starting this development journal that I have, as of yet, not properly added to any of my public portfolios. So they don’t simply get lost in my computer files I have decide, as of now, to start also documenting the best of these projects here alongside my current works when I have time. And to that end here is the first of these old updates:


The 3D female anatomy study model was done as a attempt to make a relatively non-stylised human character model to improve my knowledge of actual human muscle structure, topology and proportions, it is also, to my memory, my first full 3D female character model.


This model was one of the many I did after the end of my foundation art year to improve my overall character modelling and creation skills alongside my knowledge of art styles and human anatomy. Other models done at this time include the ‘Nude(Then clothed) Old Man’, ‘Second Old Man Face’ and ‘Chubby Girl Face’ models.

Old Updates: 3D Female Anatomy Study Model – 24/6/14

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