The Lanterns And A Revaluation Of Our Art Work Processes


Above are images of my attempt at making some generic stone Lanterns for our game. While there is nothing technically wrong with the models themselves I found making them to be one of the most drawn out modelling attempts of this project and can’t honestly say I am happy with the final result.


After finishing them I realised this was due to there currently being no overall direction or foundation for these objects. It’s been months since i’ve gotten the chance to sit down and work on these props for out game and the familiarity I had, with traditional Japanese architecture, and the enthusiasm for them is gone. Without a proper basis, I fear subsequent models will suffer the same drawn out development times and overall the models will lack a constant style and direction to link them.

I’ve now deiced the best thing to do for the sake of the models and my own learning(which was my original work plan before we lost sight of it this sprint) is, for at least a short while, to go back to doing planning and experimental artwork for these props before attempting to continue developing these models.

As a group we have let things drag out too long and slow on this project, while loose plans for levels are being created we still do not have a concrete foundation to work from. Aiming to jump right back into making props before having a proper idea of the specific range of assets I would need to make, how they will look and fit together, was in hindsight naive and something I will take into account for future projects.


As seen here I have started by doing the reference art for a range of lanterns for our game, this time directly referencing mood boards and images of real world objects to help me keep my focus. I now plan this week to continue these reference sheets alongside modelling while I try to compile a more concrete list of assets I may need to create until the designers can give me a complete first draft of the temple area map to get a more certain idea of what will be needed for this sprint.

While this does add more to this sprints workload it is something that should have been happening earlier and simply wasn’t due to a lack of experience and outside critical critic however still is best to get done.

The Lanterns And A Revaluation Of Our Art Work Processes

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