Dev Update: Working From Home

In order to get work happening my group has set this sprint goal to try and get the temple area playable. Largely right now this relies on the designers making maps for the level and white boxing things in the Unity engine, since there are still no big structures planned out. Until we can get those level maps, there is nothing specific art-wise this goal needs that we can do right now so in the meantime the artists have gotten a basic list of reusable assets from the designers to focus on for now – trees, lanterns, general props and the like.

For a change I am working from home these two weeks and contacting the group for scrums via Skype. While this does leave me a little in the dark about what has actually been produced on the day to day, I still mange to get a general idea of what is getting done. The time away from the studio is also helping me to take a step back, away from the hype and pressures felt in the group, and take a critical look at the work we are doing, what has been proposed and how we plan to go about doing it.

Dev Update: Working From Home

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