Main Character Model – Modelling – Day 4

Day 4 of the working on the main character, the topology, base meshes and lose ends have been cleaned up(the foot in particular which was basically remade with proper structure) and the final additions have been added along with the stand-ins for the texture based shapes.

Player Model Day 4_22_1_15_Lorcan M

Some different lighting and setting renders from Blender v2.73

Though I haven’t been timing the hours on this model I would say that it has taken about a 4 to 6 hours each modelling day so in total 17 hours so far, a very rough estimate though it would match up with the previous models time if accurate.

21:1:15 and 22:1:15  Foot Topology and Detail Comparison Lorcan M

In day 5 of this model I will do final checks to the overall model before finally mirroring it in Blender and doing the final UV layout, I will then give it a basic, base colour texture before making it available to the animator to rig, seeing as I can update the texture at any time by that point.

Main Character Model – Modelling – Day 4

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