Main Character Model – Modelling – Day 3

Wheres on the first day of this model I was getting the basics of the topology and structure sorted out day 2 of modelling(day 3 of this models overall production) was focused on adding some of the bigger details, such as the collar and belt, and making the actual shape of the model closer to the original concept art.

Player Model Day 3_21_1_15_Lorcan M

As i’ve produced this model it has become a tad more slender than the original, blocky design of the concept art, but I found it gives a bit more of a friendly vibe fitting for the kind of player character we want for our game. Still I would like to try experimenting with making a harsher shaped character again in the future for one of the spirits.

Seeing as most of the modelling and topologies for this model is done the next stage will be add some of the small effects and texture based details, before UV mapping, once i’ve done that I can give it to the rigger and do the final texture at a later date.

Main Character Model – Modelling – Day 3

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