Main Character Model – Design and Reference Sheet – Day 1

Since the owl model is to a state where I can give it to a rigger and update the textures later I am now free to start on the main character model at the request of the group.

While this model isn’t needed right now, producing it has now been in the hands of multiple people within the group throughout the last two months but, for one reason or another, never been finished. To stop it taking up more time than it already has I have been asked to produce it as soon as I possible.

Today I revamped the design to suit our final art style and narrative, and spent the beginning of the day looking into traditional Japanese costume and lore before doing the initial sketch.

MainChararter Desgin1ConceptSheet

The first sketch in most of my concepts tends to be a reference more than anything else for future attempts, when making a character with a specific real world foundation I use the first drawing to ground my freer, from my head drawings to their source as I merge them with our own worlds design.

MainChararter Desgin2ConceptSheet

With the second, and final design, I added a few more unique costume details to add some animating potential and toned down the larger clothing items to distinct shapes, since our game is a platformer it is important for characters to be visually recognisable, and interesting from a distance. When modelling I may mix some elements, like the hat, from the first design and add bits here and there but as of now I feel this design fits our world enough to get started with.

Based on the time of the last model, I would give finishing this 2 to 4 days however with the game jam next week I have realistically set the finishing time for this in the week after that.

Main Character Model – Design and Reference Sheet – Day 1

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